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Kaunas University of Technology


Founded in 1922, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest and oldest technological university in Lithuania, and one of the largest in the Baltic States. KTU is ranked among the top 4% of world universities.

By integrating education, research and business, KTU focuses its activities on the enhancement of the quality of human life, and the acceleration of statehood development. It does so.

In 2014, 10895 students, of which 566 are international students, and 352 PhD students, took part in one of the 156 study programmes offered by KTU, in a broad range of domains such as electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, life sciences, economics and business, or arts and humanities.

Research at KTU, carried out by around a thousand academic staff across 9 faculties and 9 research institutes, produced 442 scientific publications in 2014, and KTU took part in 88 international projects, including FP7, COST or EUREKA programs.

One of KTU’s key priorities is to maintain a synergy with local businesses. Hence, KTU provides support to solve real-life problems, and contributes to 70% of all R&D provided by Lithuanian universities for business and industry. KTU is also the founder of two of the Lithuanian innovation valleys (Santaka and Nemunas), and provides a specialised module in technology entrepreneurship.



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