Centre of Excellence in Science and Technology for Healthy Ageing

Vilnius University


Vilnius University (VU) was founded in 1579 and is the oldest and largest university in the Baltic States. VU has 12 faculties, 7 research institutes, 4 study and research centres, the oldest Library in Lithuania, 2 university hospitals, an Astronomical Observatory, a Botanical Garden, a Centre of Information Technology Development, and St. John's Church. Over 1500 doctor (including habilitated doctors) degree scientists are involved in research and studies. In 2013, VU had over 20,831 students, including 14754 bachelor and professional degree students, as well as 3423 master and 779 doctoral degree students. VU has longstanding traditions of international science and cooperation involving Lithuanian scientists, master and doctoral students and foreign visitors.

Medical research at VU is carried out within the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Institute of Biochemistry, and the Institute of Biotechnology.

The team involved in the HEALTH-TECH project includes 9 principal investigators covering the following research fields:

  • – Biological DNA modification
  • – Nucleic acid interactions
  • – Biothermodynamics and drug design
  • – Microfluidics for single cell screening
  • – Protein misfolding
  • – Self-assembled biosystems
  • – Bioinformatics and computational biology
  • – Immunologic markers for ageing



Project coordinator Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

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